Our Story

Since our beginnings as Banga Hospitals Pvt. Ltd our unit of Kullu Valley Hospital has provided more than two decades of service to the people of Kullu Valley. We have honored traditions, planned for the future and delivered healthcare our patients can count on.As a catalyst for community health Kullu Valley Hospital is reaching beyond our hospital walls to promote wellness. We are constantly looking for ways to provide you with the safest, most advanced and very best care. Today, we are transforming healthcare and receiving local and state recognition. Our exceptional medical staff, nurses and team are inspired and ready to help make positive, lasting improvements in the health of those we serve.

Our Vision and Mission


We deliver the best outcomes and safest care by placing people at the heart of all we do. We improve lives every day by promoting wellness, education and discovery.


To provide the latest and affordable healthcare.

About Our Hospital

Founded in 1999 as Kullu Valley Hospital, our 50 bed hospital in one of the leading private institute giving excellent primary and secondary care to patients of Kullu Valley and surrounding areas


  • Internal Medicine
  • General and Laparoscopic surgery
  • Orthopedics
  • Gynecology and Obstetrics
  • Radio diagnosis
  • Dental
  • Physiotherapy 

Panel of Consultants

Panel of Consultants:

Dr. Jandeep Banga
Dr. Sandeep Banga
Dr. R.L. Gupta - MD Medicine
Dr. Mayank Bhargava - MD Medicine.
General and Laparoscopic surgery
Dr. N.K Parasher - MS General and Laparoscopic surgeon
Dr. Akshat Chandel - MD Pediatrics.
Gynaecology and Obstetrics
Dr. Neerja Chandel - MS Gynae/ Obs.
Dr. Sanjay Sahay - DO Orthopedics
Dr. Hitender Kumar - MD Radiodiagnosis.
Dr. Ranjan Singh – BDS,MIDA
Dr. Avinash – BPT, MPT


  • Indoor of 50 beds with segregation in private, semi private and general wards.
  • Dedicated Operation theatres for Orthopedics, General and Laparoscopic surgery and Gynaecology/ Obstetrics.
  • 24 hours emergency
  • 24 hours pharmacy
  • 24 hours ambulance services
  • Minor and major operative procedures
  • CT scan
  • MRI
  • Ultrasound
  • Laboratory
  • 24 hours resident doctors
  • Trauma management

Opening Hours

Monday - Friday: 8.30 - 18.30
Saturday: 10.30 - 16.30
Sunday: 10.30 - 16:30